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Why Choose an Outdoor TV?

We’ve all thought about it - sitting outside in the sunshine, watching a movie while sipping on a cocktail. Sounds great, doesn’t it! Of course, it means you need a TV that you can watch outdoors. Perfect - just take your indoor TV out into the backyard! Not so fast. If your TV isn’t protected from moisture, dust, salt, and humidity, you could be in for a shock when it starts acting up. Not only that, but just try to cash in on the warranty - they will know you’ve been using your TV outside as soon as they see signs of corrosion, moisture, etc. Putting a bit of a damper on things? Well, that’s not all to consider… On... Read More

Wine Part II - Tasting Wine and Wine Tastings

Tasting Wine   A wine’s profile consists of visual, aromatic, and taste components. You may think it pretentious to hold the wine up to a light, swirl it, sniff it, and swish it around in your mouth, but there is a reason that all of those elements contribute to your understanding and appreciation of the wine. For instance, if you don’t look at the wine under a light, how will you know its true color, or even how bright it is? If you don’t know both of those things, then you are not learning about wine. Same thing goes for beer too - it’s not snobbish, it’s just part of getting to really understand the product.   So even if... Read More