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Kombucha - the latest drink for your Backyard Bar

What??? I bet you thought bartending was all about the alcohol! No, my friend, it’s all about the socializing. Drinking just enhances the belief that you are the most interesting person in the world. But Kombucha - ahh, understand this and they will seek you out for your wisdom and knowledge, long after the party. Drink it, and you’ll remember the party. Huh? Don’t get it? Read on. First of all, it is pronounced “kom-BOO-cha”, not Kombooka or Kombookie. Now say that a few times and let it roll off your tongue - you want it to sound sexy and mysterious, not like a botched attempt to say "pardon me" in Japanese. Second, as soon as you mention it, you’ll be... Read More

Why Choose an Outdoor TV?

We’ve all thought about it - sitting outside in the sunshine, watching a movie while sipping on a cocktail. Sounds great, doesn’t it! Of course, it means you need a TV that you can watch outdoors. Perfect - just take your indoor TV out into the backyard! Not so fast. If your TV isn’t protected from moisture, dust, salt, and humidity, you could be in for a shock when it starts acting up. Not only that, but just try to cash in on the warranty - they will know you’ve been using your TV outside as soon as they see signs of corrosion, moisture, etc. Putting a bit of a damper on things? Well, that’s not all to consider… On... Read More