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The Journey to Backyard Bartender

It all began in 2009. I looked around my backyard, and realized that something was missing. I had the pool, the gazebo, the deck, and even the fish pond. It seemed like a great place for a party, but every time we had one, the guests inevitably migrated to the kitchen, or to the cellar where I kept my beer kegs. Keeping the party outside seemed like an impossible dream.


That summer, we went to a close friend’s house for a mid-summer bash, and the missing piece fell into place. Next to the pool was the bar, complete with kegerator, wine fridge, blender, and a TV above the bar. Frank stood behind the bar looking like a hero, dishing out the drinks and the jokes all night long. He explained to me that the bar was open all year round, with heaters to keep it warm when the nights grew cool, and cold drinks in the summer to keep the heat away. I knew right then I had the missing piece.


I spent the next few years planning the perfect bar, sourcing the materials to build it, figuring out how to integrate it with my deck furniture, and then trying to decide what type of equipment and accessories would perfect the atmosphere I was looking to create. As usual, life got in the way, and sadly, the bar was never completed. And so my parties continued to splinter, with the beer drinkers heading downstairs, and the others splitting their time between the kitchen and the back deck.


My frustration festered for a few years, and I decided it was time to find out if I could buy instead of build a bar, since the bar was the foundation that I needed to own before I would be able to move forward. A trip to the local big box stores turned up a few possibilities, but the quality was no where near what I anticipated. So I turned my attention to the web, and my long search began…


As it turned out, I was in luck. I found a couple of high-quality manufacturers, and the discovery whetted my appetite to find more alternatives. With the thought that I could soon have the bar of my dreams, I turned my attention to the things that would make it my entertainment paradise; and then I found once again that I was in for an intensive search for quality.


The Backyard Bartender is the culmination of all of that research. I believe that what I have found will help you achieve the dream - one place to find all of the things you need to create your oasis, and to help you become the Backyard Bartender of your neighborhood.