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Tiki-In-A-Box™ Square Tiki Hut Kits


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Tiki-In-A-Box™ kits have the look and feel of historic tiki hut craftsmanship. Our synthetic thatch and our state of the art engineered aluminum frame combine to make an almost indestructible tiki hut. We fabricate our tiki hut frames and posts from aluminum tube. We forge knuckles into our aluminum, we powder coat and lastly we faux finish the aluminum to give our tiki hut structures the look of bamboo. We cover all of our simulated bamboo aluminum tiki huts with Palmex® synthetic palapa tiki hut thatch creating the most durable tiki huts available today. These versatile tiki kits can be used for projects as large as a tropical themed resorts or as simple as a backyard tiki hut, cabana, tiki bar, poolside tiki hut, tiki barbeque area, tiki spa cover, or anyplace needing shade.

Available Dimensions:

4-Post 8' x 8' Square - 6' x 6' frame with a 1' thatch overhang 

4-Post 10' x 10' Square - 8' x 8' frame with a 1' thatch overhang 

4-Post 12' x 12' Square - 10' x 10' frame with a 1' thatch overhang 

4-Post 14' x 14' Square - 12' x 12' frame with a 1' thatch overhang 

4-Post 16' x 16' Square - 14' x 14' frame with a 1' thatch overhang 

Includes the simulated bamboo frame, the thatch, screws to attach the thatch to the frame, hardware to assemble the frame and attach the frame to the uprights. 


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