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Viper Naturals Birdseye Cue

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Enjoy the pure beauty of The Naturals cue line. Featuring all natural exotic imported woods combined with real wood inlays, you are able to see the detailed wood grains in each cue making them some of the best looking cues around. The Naturals wood to wood joint provides a more consistent surface, giving it a natural feel and a solid shot. Add on a lifetime warranty and you can't go wrong.


-58" two-piece cue

-Pro taper Canadian maple shaft

-Wood to wood joint

-Exotic Birdseye maple forearm and butt sleeve

-Ebony and Birdseye real wood inlaid rings

-Stainless steel butt cap

-Built-in removable scuffer

Dimensions: 58L X 1.5W X 1.5D

Weight: 18-21oz adjustable weight system